Bokkos – ‘Doctors on wheels – is the name of our project for wage slaves in Pakistan. We have had very good experiences with the teams of nurses and doctors. It is fast help on the spot – where otherwise no doctor can reach. 

A model sets a precedent

In the flare-up of violence against Christian villages, we have seen time and again that medical help came too late. By the time people could get to medical treatment, in many cases it was already too late. That was the reason why we started to adapt the successful model from Pakistan for Nigeria.

Doctors on Wheels in Nigeria

Many Christians who survive massacres are injured and without medical help or support. The project must enable the medical teams: 

Be on the scene quickly: after being alerted to the attacks, teams must be able to reach the site of the attack quickly to provide first aid. 

Seriously injured people can be immediately taken to a hospital by ambulance. 

Important trauma care is made possible.  

A communication system is created so that help can be requested in the first minutes of a conflict situation.

Training sessions are held for villagers on protective measures, escape methods and first aid. 

Finally, care for the victims is provided: The rescued Christians find shelter in the places of refuge – their children receive medical care in a new school (school doctor model). 

The leading doctor is Sr. Dr. Stella Onwubiko, ophthalmologist and Catholic missionary. A team will be formed of three to five doctors and nurses, supported by volunteers. The costs will be around 2,000 euros per month.

As project coordinator, Msgr. Ike is in the Plateau Region of northern Nigeria these days. He writes: “We have started to fully implement the CiN project ‘Doctors on Wheels’. It is grace what your donors give us – COURAGE, TRUST, HOPE and NEVER GIVE UP.” 

First test

The team, which had just been assembled, had its first test on January 24 and 25. The team was able to respond in a flash to the attack on the village of Cuba (see p.2). Immediately after the brutal attack, the team arrived and was able to begin first aid.
The seriously injured were immediately taken to Cottage Hospital in the district capital of Bokkos. Many survived. They are planning their future – fast help gives hope. 

The Christians know: In the midst of all persecution, they are not alone. 

‘Doctors on Wheels’ has passed its baptism of fire. 

Your help, dear donors, makes this possible!