A self-determined life

“The child is the beauty of God present in the world, that greatest gift to a family.”
Mother Theresa

Case Story

Many Egyptians are quite fond of beautiful jewelry, it does not have to be elaborate gold work at all. So much beauty can be created with just a few jewelry elements and pendants. The young Mohreal proudly shows off the necklace she made herself under instruction. Soon she will be able to make jewelry on her own and thus create extra income for the family.

Coming together

The most beautiful thing, however, is that some of the neighboring Muslim women are also allowed to take part in these courses. Thus, the training is not seen as a preference for Christians, which would quickly lead to envy and hatred. But because Muslim women are also allowed to participate, a group feeling is created. The young women come to trust each other and become friends. In this way, the hate propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood is heard less and less in Minia. This gives the Christians more security and creates interreligious understanding.



Training Institute, Workshops and School for handicappedĀ children and poor people


Al-Minya – Egypt


  • Training and education for disabled children and young people
  • education to enable poor people to lead a self-determined life
  • Christians and Muslims coming together


  • EUR 900 per month