Discovering tolerance and respect through creativity

“Every child is an artist.”
Pablo Picasso, artist


Drug and alcohol addiction, sexual abuse, social tensions, a devastated environment and health problems determine the everyday life of the children. Left alone, they often become street children – and fair game for the stronger. In Nepal, the hostile cold makes it almost impossible to survive on the streets during the winter months.

Painting, drama, dance and music

We support the Moonlight School Center and expand the school’s basic program to include art courses. In these courses, the children learn to express their fears and worries with painting, drama, dance and music. For them, this becomes trauma management and the beginning of a new phase of life with more self-confidence.
In the future we will also try to teach the children image processing on the PC and general PC skills. This is an important prerequisite for independent work and creates the precondition for the kids to get off the streets.



Assisting the Moonlight school for streetkids, who have no chance of a proper education. Special Impact by LHT:

Implementation of creative courses where the kids learn to express themselves and to discover strengths like music, artworks or theater.

Lessons in tolerance and respect to others, especially to religious and cultural minorities.

Scholarships for gifted students


Kathmandu – Nepal


  • Creative courses to overcome psychological problems and develop more self-confidence.
  • School education for a successful future, respect and tolerance towards other people and religions


  • EUR 370 per month
  • If we find sponsors we finance Scholarships for bachelor courses in health professions, this costs EUR 300 per child and month