Ensuring future

“History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children.”
Nelson Mandela

Case Story

The girl is Lovely Stival. Her father died during the persecution by voodoo terrorists. She fled across the Mountains with her mother. Lovely has found a new home in the Dolian Baptist Church. The school provides a hot meal and the makeshift hut in the forest will soon give way to a stone house. After all the hardships and traumatic experiences, Lovely can smile again today. She will be able to be a great help to her mother. Not only today with collecting firewood and cooking. With a good education, she will also be able to take care of her mother when she grows old. That’s why Lovely is learning as much and as fast as she can. Her future begins to shine again. Robbed of her old home, persecuted by voodoo terrorists, a community member mutilated and murdered, discriminated against and expelled from the village. So the families with 120 children found refuge with brothers and sisters in the church of Pastor Ismael in Dolian. The way to Dolian was about 340 kilometers over the mountains. An arduous exodus lasting weeks with old people, children, babies, animals and the few remaining household goods. Without our support there would be no schooling, no warm food, no safe home.

Coming together

After the severe earthquake of August 14, 2021, nothing is left of the emergency huts built of corrugated iron, withered leaves, and twigs. The most helpless families are those where the father is no longer there, and the mother is left to fend for herself with the children. For these mothers and their children, we are building earthquake-proof huts made of stone and concrete. Even though we still have to contribute 3,500 euros in material costs for all the self-help, we still manage to build the first huts. The Christian families who fled to Dolian have now found a new home. Now they will gradually be able to move into a safe home. A provisional refugee camp in the forest is now becoming a real home. Eating, learning, building – a secure future is emerging. But there is still a lot to do. Please support us.



Structure and feed out


Dolian – Haiti


  • Construction of a complete village with all infrastructure.

  • School education and food for children.


  • School-feeding: EUR 2.000 per month
  • School fees and textbooks for 120 refugee children, 20 euros per month
  • Building of new and stable houses for the poorest families, where the father died: Eur 3.500 each, needed 30 huts made of stone on solid ground