Motherless Babies Home

“Even if people are still very young, they shouldn’t be prevented from saying what they think.”
Anne Frank, holocaust victim

Case Story

Four-year-old Bitrus lost his parents in an attack by the Fulani herdsmen militia (note: Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen are the two terrorist groups in Nigeria that target Christians for murder). His mother was raped and then stabbed to death in front of her four children. They had to watch their mother bleed to death. An argument outside the house distracted the killers. As everyone ran outside, Bitrus and his siblings ran out the back door. But the Fulanis noticed their escape. They opened fire on the children. Only Bitrus survived with a gunshot wound because he was presumed dead. Later he could be brought to the GAMB orphanage because people told about a good home in Enugu. There, nuns would lovingly take care of abandoned children. The boy now plays with other children and starts to smile again. But Bitrus is severely traumatized. The wound on his leg is slow to heal and expensive medication is needed to keep it intact. That Bitrus survived is a miracle Thus he became a symbol for the many children at the GAMB orphanage in Enugu who are persecuted for their Christian faith and have lost their parents.

Motherless Babies Home

The GAMB orphanage (Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home) now cares for 50 children, some of them still babies who are not yet fully aware of the magnitude of the loss of their parents. We helped plan and finance the entire construction of the orphanage from the very beginning. So today it is an open orphanage with a lot of meeting and playing spaces for the children. Today we enable the operation with the care of the children. In 2021 we have started self-sufficiency projects in the orphanage, chicken coop and fish pond are already in operation. This ensures the supply of protein for the children’s growth.



Guardian Angels Motherless Babies Home


Enugu-Nigeria, located in southeastern Nigeria


  • Living
  • School-education
  • Meals and health care for orphans from Babies to 18-year-old teenagers
  • Education in tolerance and respect to other religions, working through the traumas


  • EUR 1.500 per month for the care and support of orphans