Bokkos/Plateau/Nigeria – The Christmas of 2023 will go down as one of the bloodiest in the history of the Bokkos district in Plateau state. More than a thousand Fulani jihadists overran several Christian villages. 

They had very clear information and clearly knew their targets. With well-coordinated attacks, they raided about 26 communities in the Bokkos district. They also succeeded in separating the Fulani Muslims from the local Christians. 

P. Andrew in front of the ruins of his parish

Father Andrew Danjuma spent Christmas and the following days burying parishioners. His parish is at the epicenter of a series of attacks in the northern Nigerian state of Plateau that have killed about 200 people and left hundreds injured and displaced. Most of the victims of the attacks, which began on December 23, are Christians, Father Andrew said. Churches, houses and food stores were set on fire. 

Fr. Andrew reports:“From Tudun Mazat, the Fulani terrorists attacked other communities. They started setting houses on fire. Those who dared to run to safety were gunned down. Others who could not escape (like the mother of my community leader and his siblings) were burnt to ashes. Twelve deaths were confirmed in Maiyanga alone. 

Other communities that suffered fatalities and destruction that night include: Chirang, Darwat, Hurum, Tamiso and many more. Religion has become a significant factor. What was objectively just a conflict between farmers and herdsmen is turning into a deadly religious conflict.”

Monsignor Obiora Ike, he heads “Christians in Need – Nigeria“, is adding: “Crazy situation here. Really drastic. Many priests who have now been able to help directly on the ground are members of “Christans in Need”, they bury the dead and pray for their families. 

There are currently (28.12.2023) 470 refugees and displaced persons living on the church grounds of St. Thomas Parish in Bokkos. ‘

Doctors on Wheels’ help on site.  CiN has encouraged us with great foresight to establish “Christans in Need” in Nigeria. It is the only local organization that helps people in such situations. 

Thank you, ‘Doctors on Wheels’. We are in action.” 

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