Escaping wage slavery

Lakhmi Herchand comes from the day laborer village of Mohabat Solangi Machi. They are Christians, like a third of the families in this village. The nuns in the area have enabled Lakhmi to attend one of their village schools. This was the first step in enabling Lakhmi to escape wage slavery. 

The children of day laborers usually have no other chance than to lead the same life of dependency as their parents. For girls, this is a double danger: all too often they are at the mercy of stalking and abuse by the landowners. That is why our first concern is for the girls. 

Lakhmi Herchand was placed in the CiN training program for nurses at St. Elisabeth Hospital in Hyderabad, where she has been living in the dormitory ever since.
She is now in her second year of training. 

On February 3, Lakhmi accompanied the “Doctors on Wheels” on their aid tour. This time the destination was her own home village. The parents were beaming with joy. Their daughter has escaped poverty and hardship. The whole village rejoices.

Saving lives, giving a future

Just as “Doctors on Wheels” in Nigeria save lives after terrorist attacks, “Doctors on Wheels” in Pakistan save the lives of day laborers who have no medical care and cannot afford to see a doctor. Preventive care to avoid illness is an important additional topic during the doctors’ visits.

Education helps prevent diseases

On January 5, 2024, second year students at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Goth Allah conducted an event on the prevention of scabies, which is a communicable skin disease caused by the scabies mite and is easily transmitted to other people when the skin is touched. 

It occurs worldwide, but is most common in low-income and tropical areas. The most vulnerable groups are children and the elderly, as their immune systems are weakened. Scabies can lead to multiple organ damage. 

The young student nurse Stephee from our CiN medical courses accompanied the doctors. As she is already in her second year of training, she can use her specialist knowledge to explain the preventive measures to the villagers. In this way, training and treatment go hand in hand. 

“Doctors on wheels” help, educate and inform

So that the day laborers have a better life. Not just once, but four or five times a week in different villages.

Info: “Doctors on Wheels” enables 50,000 poor day laborers in the Pakistani province of Sindh to receive free basic medical care every year. 

The CiN donors make this possible. THANK YOU!